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Smile Gallery

Look at our gallery to see the incredible results Dr. Yongchang Choi has achieved with our patients! Our dentist can help you gain the smile of your dreams. We invite you to call Advanced Implant Dental today at 206-241-5820 to schedule an appointment with our office and learn more about dental care in Tukwila, Washington.

This patient had missing back upper left and lower right molars, causing her front teeth to wear down from constant use. She also lost posterior support and her existing teeth were completely worn down and fractured due to brushing and lack of back teeth. Dr. Choi and team implanted posterior upper left and right missing teeth using implant bridges and completed a full mouth rehabilitation. After her procedures, the patient regained full vertical use of her mouth. What an amazing transformation!This patient received a full-mouth rehabilitation of both upper and lower arches with implant-supported bridges.This patient has a rare genetic disorder, oligodontia, meaning she was born without some of her teeth. In order to give her a full, beautiful smile, Dr. Choi used implants and crowns (a single on the left side of her mouth, a double on the right) to achieve a natural smile.Due to a fall, the patient sustained trauma to his left front tooth and root damage on the right front tooth, amongst other issues. The broken tooth was saved thanks to a healthy bone and root, and the one on the right was removed and replaced with an implant.  Dr. Choi performed a same-day root canal and placed a temporary crown on the broken tooth. He then completed an immediate temporary restoration on the implant. The “after” photo shows the final result after their most recent visit. It’s impossible to tell the implant from the natural front tooth!This patient was completely missing her upper arch. Dr. Choi restored her smile through a full-mouth restoration with implant-supported bridges.This young female patient lost her two front teeth. Dr. Choi restored the teeth using two single implants and implant-supported crowns, and she now has a full smile!This patient’s upper seven teeth were restored using four implants and an implant-supported bridge.This patient was missing teeth and needed a full upper mouth restoration. Dr. Choi placed three fixed bridges to restore their smile.The patient’s smile was restored using three separate implant-supported bridges. He also required a partial bottom denture.This patient received her smile restoration with fixed but detachable plastic acrylic dentures.Our new patient came to us with an emergency issue. Dr. Choi fixed his issue chairside by restoring his existing dentures to ensure comfort and full range of utilization. Within a few short hours, he was happy and out the door issue-free!To achieve a picture-perfect smile, Dr. Choi used a fixed bottom hybrid/detachable denture with a metal frame wrapped in acrylic. The patient received a full-mouth restoration with upper implant supported over dentures.